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Ozark County 1864 Poll Book
From the White River Valley Historical Quarterly Volume 35 , Number 2 , Fall 1995

Sign of the Times

Poll Book, 1864, Ozark County

Poll Book for the Electors from Ozark County, Missouri Belonging to Captain William J. Piland (T) Company in the 46 Regiment, Missouri Volunteers at Little North Fork, Ozark Co., on 8th, November, 1864

No. of Ballot Names of Voters

1. James M. Piland
2. Charles K. Lord
3. William Holeman
4. L. D. Hoskins
5. Simon Lakey
6. Samuel P. Stone
7. Noel V. Hutchinson
8. Joseph J. Piland
9. Charles G. Smith
10. James Turner
11. Harry Fry
12. George Collins
13. John Tabor
14. Samuel Piland
15. Robert Howet
16. Arthur B. Peacock
17. Albert F. Holiman
18. Elias Honis
19. John B. Melton
20. John Mahan
21. John Duggins
22. James Littlefield
23. Willis M. Thompson
24. John Friend
25. Daniel W. McGee
26. James Tabor
27. Jesse Heard
28. William E. Welch
29. William Davis
30. William T. Piland
31. Andrew T. Coffee
32. William T. Piland
33. Calvin Clark
34. Robert M. Eveans
35. Elias Friend
36. John Harris
37. Richard N. Thompson
38. William F. Norris
39. Josiah L. Hoskins
40. Paton Kissee

[Spelling may not always be correct.]

Nov. 8, 1864

We, the undersigned, Judges of the Election held in Company T, 46th Regiment, MO Vol. (a portion of which Company were voters of Ozark Co.) do hereby certify that the said County of Ozark in the State of Missouri is in a dis-organized condition having no County Clerk or County Officers to whom the poll books of said Company can be returned.

Given under our hands
To date above matter.
Josiah L. Hoskins
Paton Kissee, Judges
Richard N. Thompson
Elias Friend)
John Morris) Clerks

Ozark County
46th Regt. MO Volunteers

Courtesy Capitol Fire Documents, Missouri State Archives.
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