Douglas County, Missouri

Baptist Hill/ Bridges Creek Cemetery

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Baptist Hill/Bridges Creek Cemetery
Photos submitted by Wilma Fields

Melvin and Weldon Tackitt

James and Letha Tackitt

Harvey and Ethel Tackitt

Carl Dwight and Lucy Jane Tackitt

Floyd Tackett

James Addison Lawyer, born May 8, 1852; died Oct 30, 1931;
son of William Lawyer, Jr. & Rachell Mariah Waggoner;
married Rebecca Ann Tackett Oct. 10, 1875, Ozark Co. MO;
She was born May 20, 1859; died Nov 10, 1947.

Manervia Jane Waggoner Johnson

Matilda Elander (Ella) Kesner, born Feb. 4, 1867; died Feb. 24, 1940;
daughter of Emanuel Lawyer & Permelia A. Ragsdale;
married first, Robert Y. Mitchell, son of William H. Mitchell & Easter Angeline Johnson.
Married second, James M. Kesner.

Emanuel Johnson, born Nov. 12, 1810; died July 20, 1887;
married Manervia Jane Waggoner Dec. 15, 1831.
She was born Sept 24, 1816; died June 22, 1901;
daughter of George R. Waggoner.

Wayne L. Hensley

Roy F. and Laura F. Hensley

M.J. and W.H. Hensley

Mary J. Hensley

Loyd H. and Nellie Hensley

Hosea C. Hensley

Helen V. Hensley

Harold W. Hensley

Eddie M. Hensley

Betty Hensley

John and Bettie Hensley

Leonard R. and Agie M. Hensley

George W. Farel, born Dec. 27, 1846; died May 8, 1936;
married Mary Eliza Johnson, born April 20, 1850; died Feb. 25, 1931;
daughter of Emanuel Johnson and Manervia J. Waggoner.

Fannie M. and Charles Lee Farel

James A. Farel, born April 14, 1873; died Feb. 3, 1961;
son of George W. Farel & Mary Eliza Jhonson;
married Lucy E. Roberts, born Sept. 21, 1879; died July 6, 1946.

John I. Farel, born Jan. 20, 1884; died Jan 27, 1956;
son of Geroge W. Farel & Mary Eliza Johnson;
married Oma M. Bunn July 18, 1901, Udall, Ozark Co. MO.
She was born Mar. 19, 1885; died April 7, 1980;
daughter of John Marton Bunn & Mary Ann Barger.

Julia A. Farel

Mary A. Farel

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