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Heads of Families Living in the Ozark County Area in 1840

North Fork Township:
Baize, Isaah
Barnet, Levi
Beal, Charles F.
Bivens, Samuel
Byers, Jesse
Conner, James
Craft, Moses
Duggins, John
Ford, James M.
Forest, James
Friend, Alexander
Friend, James
Fulkerson, Frederick
Graham, Alva G.
Graham, John S.
Grayham, Alfred W.
Grayham, John
Grayham, Peter
Green, George S.
Green, Leven
Grisby, Samuel
Hancock, Simon
Herron, John
Holt, William
Jones, David N.
Jones, James D.
Keesee, Paton
Lance, Moses
Mayhan, David
Philpot, Hanson
Pumphrey, Meredith
Rice, David
Risley, Benjamin
Risley, Silas
Salee, Arny S.
Smith, David
Smith, Edward
Smith, John
Stanfield, David
Stone, Thomas
Stone, William
Taber, Archibald
Taber, Isaac
Taber, James
Taber, John
Tharp, Obadiah
Turner, William
Welch, Amos
Welch, William
White, Abel
Wilkinson, John

Bridges Township:
Blir, John
Bridges, Joseph E.
Bridges, William
Briscoe, William
Brock, John
Brown, William M.
Castilo, Meredith
Cherry, Ervin
Davies, Giles
Dillender, William
Eversol, William
Finley, Alexander
Hawkins, Dennis
Hawkins, John D.
House, John W.
Hunt, Lee Caswell
James, Lazena
Jones, Thomas
Kinder, Daurin
McCullure, Ervin
McCurry, Edward
Mires, Joseph
Painter, George
Parker, Daniel
Parsons, Charlotte
Parsons, Simeon
Parsons, William
Pharis, Abraim
Riley, Thomas
Riley, Zachariah
Robertson, Joel
Roy, John
Sandefur, Durham
Sanders, Allen
Sanders, John
Sanders, William
Shriver, Adam
Shrivers, Elizabeth
Shrivers, Mathew
Tebebaugh, Jesse
Tebebaugh, Job
Trotter, John
Turner, Jesse
West, Abel
White, Amos
White, Daurin
Wilson, Jacob

War Veterans of the Nineteenth Century Who at Some Time Lived in Ozark County
(Note: author’s compilation from several sources. This list should not be considered as complete.)

War of 1812 and Black Hawk War:
Friend, James

War with Mexico (1846-1848):
Dunegan, Alfred J.
Dunegan, Charley
Looney, Elisha

Civil War (Union):
Baker, John
Brown, ---
Coble, Henry
Coble, Nicholas
Coble, Peter N.
Coble, William
Coffee, Andrew J.
Collins, Isaac
Collins, Levi
Davis, Andrew J.
Davis, Jas. A. O.
Davis, Joseph
Davis, Stephen
Duggins, John
Ebrite, Dr. George W.
Ellitt, Josiah
Evans, George W.
Evans, Robert M.
Evans, W. W.
Foster, Jacob
Foster, Macajar
Friend, Elijah
Friend, Elias
Gaulding, John
Gilliland, James
Gilliland, John
Gilliland, Robert Q.
Gilliland, R. R.
Gooden, James N.
Graham, John
Hall, James
Harlin, John W.
Hawkins, Washington
Herd, Jessee
Herndon, Hon. Stephen
Holeman, William
Huffman, Alexander
Hutchinson, John
Jackson, John
James, Bennett
James, William
Jones, Benjamin B.
Keesee, Paton
Kellet, James Sr.
Kellet, Marion
Mahan, John
Marsh, David C.
Miller, Francis
Monks, William
Morrison, William
Norris, William
Pattillo, Milton
Piland, David G.
Sallee, Arnay
Sallee, James H.
Sanders, David
Saunders, Allan
Saunders, Henry
Saunders, Stephan
Stacy, George W.
Stacy, John
Tabor, Isaac
Turley, Nace
Upshaw, Dick
Webster, Dick
Webster, George

Civil War (Confederate):
Arnold, Dr. James T.
Dunegan, Alfred J.
Harrison, Guy T.
Rice, Frantz
Turnbo, S. C.
Wood, James F.
Wood, John

Members of the Missouri House of Representatives From Ozark County

1842-1843 Elijah H. Hudson
1844 No representative
1845 Robert Hicks
1846-1847 Robert Hicks
1848-1849 Robert Hicks
1850-1851 William R. Neill
1852-1853 William R. Neill
1854-1855 Green C. McSpadden
1856-1857 Robert Hicks
1858-1859 Robert Hicks (Coupled with Douglas Co.)
1860-1861 Charles S. Neill (Coupled with Douglas Co.)
1862-1863 Robert Hicks (Coupled with Douglas Co.) (Died while in office)
1864-1865 Tyrrel P. Bruton (Coupled with Douglas Co.) (Died while in office)
1866-1867 M.C. Martin
1868 M.C. Martin (Died while in office)
1869-1870 William H. Norris
1871-1872 William H. Norris
1873-1874 R. Q. Gilliland
1875-1876 William A. Love
1877-1878 William A. Love
1879-1880 John W. Souder
1881-1882 William H. Norris
1883-1884 William H. Norris
1885-1886 Andrew J. Coffee
1887-1888 Joseph B. Piland
1889-1890 Joseph B. Piland
1891-1892 Joseph N. Murphy
1893-1894 William Mahan
1895-1896 William Mahan
1897-1898 George R. Curry
1899-1900 George R. Curry
1901-1902 Marshall Hutchinson
1903-1904 Larkin E. Brown
1905-1906 James R. Small
1907-1908 William Mahan
1909-1910 James J. Kyle
1911-1912 William Mahan
1913-1914 James J. Kyle
1915-1916 James J. Kyle
1917-1918 George W. Collins
1919-1920 G. Plassmeyer
1921-1922 James J. Kyle
1923-1924 G. W. Rogers
1925-1926 Ora P. Murphy
1927-1928 James F. Lawson
1929-1930 James F. Lawson
1931-1932 S. F. Amyx
1933-1934 George W. Collins
1935-1936 George W. Collins
1937-1938 George W. Collins
1939-1940 J. B. Heriford
1941-1942 J. B. Heriford
1943-1944 J. B. Heriford
1945-1946 Leonard F. Ebrite
1947-1948 Leonard F. Ebrite
1949-1950 Ealum E. Bruffett
1951-1952 Ealum E. Bruffett
1953-1954 Ealum E. Bruffett
1955-1956 John C. Harlin (Died while in office)
1956 Ealum E. Bruffett
1957-1958 Ealum E. Bruffett
1959-1960 Ealum E. Bruffett
1961-1962 Ealum E. Bruffett
1963-1964 Henry Gault (Died while in office)
1964 Sue Nell Gault
1965-1966 Sue Nell Gault

State Senators from Ozark County

1904-1907 George R. Curry
1929-1933 John C. Harlin

Inscriptions on Monuments in Woodlawn Cemetery, Jefferson City

To the memory of
Tyrrel P. Bruton
Late Representative from
Douglass County, Missouri
Was born in Tennessee
On the 30th of April, 1828
On the 29th of December, 1865
Erected by an act of the General Assembly

Robert Hicks Late Representative of Douglass and Ozark Counties Died February 22, 1863 Aged 58 years
Erected by an act of the General Assembly

To the memory of
M. C. Martin
Late Representative from
Ozark County, Missouri
Born in Kentucky
And died
On the 15th of February, 1868
Aged 55 years
Erected by an act of the General Assembly


Almartha is one of the older towns in the county, founded around 1854. The origin of the name is not definitely known, but it is probable that the town was named to honor Almartha McSpadden, a Georgian and the wife of Green McSpadden who was the county’s representative, 1854-1855. Postmasters were S. C. Herndon, during the 1870s; S. A. Beach, during the 1880s; and Adam G. Parker, during the 1890s.

Originally called Waterville, Bakersfield was named after Jim Baker who owned the large field where the town now stands.

Benner was a post office established in 1898 and discontinued in 1901. It was named after the Benner family, early homesteaders of the county.

Bennett’s Bayou:
Bennett’s Bayou is a small creek, named by the earliest explorers or settlers before 1818 in honor of the Bennett family who lived on its banks. Schoolcraft visited a hunter’s cabin on Bennett’s Bayou in 1818.

Named after the creek by that name, Brixey is a post office established in 1917.

Bull Shoals Lake:
This lake was named after the rapids in the White River located where the Bull Shoals dam was built. Schoolcraft’s canoe was capsized on the shoals in his trip down the White River in 1818.

Caney Mountains:
The mountains were named for Caney Creek.

Dawt is a post office which was established in 1904. No one knows the source of the name.

Dimock was a post office established in 1906 and later discontinued. It was named after the Dimocks, a family who operated the first post office.

A post office established in 1882, Dora was named after the daughter of the first postmaster, Anton Fischer.

Located in the southwest corner of the county and established in 1894, Dugginsville was named after the Duggins family who had the first post office.

Elijah is a post office which was established in 1905. It was named by George S. Harden for his infant son, Elijah, who now lives in California.

See pages 109 and 110.

Grabeel was a post office, established in 1888 and discontinued in 1894, which was named after the Grabeel family, a family prominent in county education and other civic enterprises.

Named for a family who owned land upon which the store and post office are located, Hammond was established in 1898 by John Squires.

A post office was established at Hardenville in 1928, and the place was named for George S. Harden the first postmaster and the son of Richard Harden who settled in the county before the Civil War. Herbert Harden, son of George S. Harden, has stated that the post office was established in 1921 and that it was originally located on the Wolfe Creek property. He stated that it was moved to its present location on Highway 160 in the middle 1930s.

Howards Ridge:
Howards Ridge received its name from the Howard family, early pioneers who lived on a ridge near the present site of the post office.

Igo School:
Igo is a transferred name from a town, township, or post office.

Isabella is one of the oldest towns in the county, founded before the Civil War. A post office had been established there as early as 1860, according to the Missouri State Gazetteer. The Ozark County Times reported that the town was named for Isabella Bratton, daughter of James Bratton of Kentucky who settled in the area in 1870. The Times reported that the post office was established during the 1870s by James Bratton.

Lick Creek:
Lick Creek, which runs through Gainesville, was named by the early hunters and trappers for the deerlicks found on its banks. These deerlicks were salty spots in the earth where the deer ate salt.

A post office was established at Longrun in 1898. N. Hobbs, the first postmaster, named the place after Longrun Creek.

The Lutie post office was established in 1893. It was named for a feminine member of the B. B. Jones family, according to one source. In an interview with the editor of the Ozark County Times, Mrs. Docia Jones, a long-time resident of Lutie, stated that the town was named for Lutie Vernon, the son of a photographer who lived in a tent near the Lutie store.

Mammoth is a name transferred from a town, township, or post office.

The Noble post office was established in 1903 and was named for a Mr. Noble, the first postmaster.

Norfork Lake:
This lake was named for Norfork, Arkansas, located near the Norfork Dam and at the mouth of the Big North Fork of White River.

Oak Mound:
This place was named for the situation of the area in which it is located.

Ocie is a post office which was established in 1907 and named for Ocie Conklin, a citizen of the community.

Piland’s Store:
A post office was established here in 1903 and was discontinued in 1908. It was named after the first postmaster.

Named after Pond Creek, Pondfork was established as a post office in 1919. The creek received its name because it originates in a pond and forks out.

Named for Pontiac, Michigan, which, in turn, was named for the Ottawa chieftain, Pontiac, this town was established as a post office in 1888. The first general store was built in 1901 by Andy Johnson and John Mahan.

Rockbridge is one of the oldest towns in the county. A post office was established there in 1842, and it became the first county seat. It was named for the natural rock bridge located near there on Spring Creek.

Souder was established as a post office in 1903 and named after the Souder family. G. W. Souder was the first postmaster.

St. Ledger:
St. Ledger (Udall, also known as Somerset) is perhaps the oldest town in the county. The origin of the town’s name is not known definitely. It is possible that the place was named for the British Revolutionary War hero who spelled his name “St. Leger”. St. Ledger was often spelled “St. Leger” on maps and other writings.

Established as a post office in 1891, Sycamore was named by George Hudson, the first postmaster. It was named for the trees that grew around the post office.

Established as a post office in 1898, Tecumseh was named by G. W. Garret, the first postmistress.

This town was established as a post office in 1887 by J. M. Herd and, according to one source, named after his wife. In an interview with the editor of the Ozark County Times, Mrs. Docia Jones stated that her father told her that the town was named for Theodosia Milton, a member of a family living there when the post office was established.

Thornfield was a township established in 1870 (originally in Marion Township) which was named for a family living in the area at the time. A post office was established during the 1870s or 1880s. G. W. Pearcy was postmaster during the 1880s.

This name is a transferred name from towns, townships, or post offices. The town was established in 1915 and was named for the post office.

A post office was established at Trail in 1890 and was discontinued in 1898. The place was named after the Trail family who operated the first post office. J. M. Ruby was the postmaster from 1891 to 1898.

Established as a post office in 1880, Udall was named for a postal inspector. According to one story, the name was suggested when a farmer plowing nearby called to his horse, “You, Doll, get up!”

Established as a post office in 1912, Wasola was given its Indian name by the first postmaster.

A post office was established at Waterville before the Civil War, and the town received its name for the water mills in the community. The name was changed to Bakersfield to avoid confusion.

A post office was established at Zanoni in 1898. It was named by G. W. Shumaker for the novel of that name which was written by Bulwer Lytton and published in 1843.

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