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Index of Burials

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Index of Burials in Ozark County
The following information has been gathered from many sources and is intended to help you begin to identify the burial locations for Ozark County. It is in no way complete, as I doubt any record will ever completely cover all burials. It is, however, a great place to start your research, allowing you to quickly identify burials from many different cemeteries in one location. With the information contained here, you can go to the transcription of the cemetery and find additional information on the Cemetery Page.

Format: Name, Date of death, Cemetery
Note: "NDL" means No Date Listed

Loba, 	Rev. Victor E.	1895	Noble Cemetery
Lockwood, 	Emma	1921	Mammoth Cemetery
Lockwood, 	Unknown first name	NDL	Centerpoint Cemetery
Loftin, 	Dora J.	1947	Thornfield Cemetery
Loftin, 	Hazel	1921	Mahan / Bradley Cemetery
Loftin, 	Martha Ellis	1963	Mahan / Bradley Cemetery
Loftin, 	William B.	1932	Thornfield Cemetery
Loftin, 	William M.	1958	Mahan / Bradley Cemetery
Loftis, 	Alvis	1973	Isabella Cemetery
Loftis, 	Amanda Jane (Green)	1934	Loftis Graves
Loftis, 	Arthur	1969	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Loftis, 	Arthur W.	1959	Loftis Cemetery
Loftis, 	B. W.	NDL	Loftis Cemetery
Loftis, 	Baby	NDL	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Loftis, 	Clyde	NDL	Loftis Cemetery
Loftis, 	Frank W.	1939	Loftis Cemetery
Loftis, 	Fred	1966	Loftis Cemetery
Loftis, 	George	1958	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Loftis, 	Homer A.	1921	Franklin Grove Cemetery
Loftis, 	J. M.	1930	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Loftis, 	J. T.	NDL	Loftis Cemetery
Loftis, 	James	1910	Loftis Cemetery
Loftis, 	James L.	1950	Loftis Cemetery
Loftis, 	James Marion	1931	Loftis Cemetery
Loftis, 	Jimmie G.	NDL	Franklin Grove Cemetery
Loftis, 	Joseph Lee	1951	Thornfield Cemetery
Loftis, 	Josephine	1930	Loftis Cemetery
Loftis, 	L. H.	1896	Loftis Cemetery
Loftis, 	Lena	1930	Thornfield Cemetery
Loftis, 	Lloyd B.	1965	Loftis Cemetery
Loftis, 	Malinda	1917	Loftis Cemetery
Loftis, 	Malinda	1946	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Loftis, 	Mamie	1943	Lilly Ridge Cemetery
Loftis, 	Martha Alma	1970	Loftis Cemetery
Loftis, 	Mary	1961	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Loftis, 	Mina M.	1888	Loftis Cemetery
Loftis, 	Mynerva	1913	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Loftis, 	Myrtle Jane	1964	Thornfield Cemetery
Loftis, 	Noah	NDL	Loftis Cemetery
Loftis, 	Perlitha	1921	Loftis Cemetery
Loftis, 	Ralph	1966	Loftis Cemetery
Loftis, 	Rebecca	1897	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Loftis, 	Sampson	1907	Loftis Cemetery
Loftis, 	Two babies	NDL	Loftis Cemetery
Loftis, 	Vernon L.	1932	Isabella Cemetery
Loftis, 	Viola	1908	Loftis Cemetery
Loftis, 	W. E.	1950	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Loftis, 	William	1930	Isabella Cemetery
Loftis, 	William David	1933	Loftis Graves
Loftis, 	William J.	1914	Loftis Cemetery
Loftis, 	Willos	1904	Loftis Cemetery
Loftis, 	Woodrow	1940	Isabella Cemetery
Loftis, 	Y. E.	1953	Smith Chapel Cemetery
London, 	Clark Tressie	1963	Bakersfield Cemetery
London, 	George Washington	1942	Bakersfield Cemetery
Long, 	Charla Jackson	1899	Hart Cemetery
Long, 	Daniel Dean	1936	Hart Cemetery
Long, 	Delphia	1980	Noble Cemetery
Long, 	Delphia A. (Hensley)	1938	Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery
Long, 	Dorothy J.	1977	Hart Cemetery
Long, 	E. L.	1929	Hart Cemetery
Long, 	Elmer	1977	Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery
Long, 	George	1933	Noble Cemetery
Long, 	Howard N.	1970	Noble Cemetery
Long, 	James Daniel	1978	Hart Cemetery
Long, 	Jerry E.	1946	Noble Cemetery
Long, 	N. E.	1872	Hart Cemetery
Long, 	Nancy E.	1937	Noble Cemetery
Long, 	Nathan	1980	Hart Cemetery
Long, 	Port E.	1980	Hart Cemetery
Long, 	S. E.	1902	Hart Cemetery
Long, 	Sarah	1927	Hart Cemetery
Long, 	Simon W.	1964	Lutie Cemetery
Looney, 	Blanche (Beard)	1983	Clear Springs Cemetery
Looney, 	Clyde	1958	Lilly Ridge Cemetery
Looney, 	Glen D.	1962	Clear Springs Cemetery
Lord, 	Ethel	1918	Centerpoint Cemetery
Lord, 	Infant daughter	1913	Centerpoint Cemetery
Lord, 	Newt	1971	Isabella Cemetery
Lord, 	Rose	1913	Isabella Cemetery
Lovan, 	Clyde	1969	Ball Cemetery
Love, 	Arthur	1894	Isabella Cemetery
Love, 	Neva	1896	Isabella Cemetery
Loveall, 	J. N.	NDL	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Loveall, 	Rachel	NDL	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Low, 	F. M.	1917	James Cemetery
Low, 	Ina	NDL	Franklin Grove Cemetery
Low, 	Isabel	1875	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
Low, 	L. D.	1910	James Cemetery
Low, 	Mack	1924	James Cemetery
Low, 	Nancy	1913	James Cemetery
Low, 	Rachel	1879	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
Low, 	Sarah E.	1878	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
Lowery, 	John W.	1910	Hale Cemetery
Lowry, 	Hannah E.	1939	Thornfield Cemetery
Lowry, 	William J.	1926	Thornfield Cemetery
Ludwig, 	Annie	1903	Peters Cemetery
Ludwig, 	Charles Turner	1916	Peters Cemetery
Ludwig, 	Clara B.	1901	Franklin Grove Cemetery
Ludwig, 	Elva May	1956	Peters Cemetery
Ludwig, 	Levi C.	1948	Peters Cemetery
Ludwig, 	Mary Jane	1920	Peters Cemetery
Ludwig, 	Myrtle	1903	Peters Cemetery
Ludwig, 	Oliver G.	1918	Franklin Grove Cemetery
Luman, 	Sarah	1972	Wasola Cemetery
Luna, 	Alex	1939	Patrick Cemetery
Luna, 	Alfred	NDL	Patrick Cemetery
Luna, 	Alma McDonald	1951	Gainesville Cemetery
Luna, 	Amy Helen	1921	Luna Family Graves *Highway 181, right on 312
Luna, 	Aubra	1959	Ball Cemetery
Luna, 	Auddie	1945	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Luna, 	Austin C.	1940	Patrick Cemetery
Luna, 	Bertha	1957	Patrick Cemetery
Luna, 	Beulah	1947	Gainesville Cemetery
Luna, 	Bluford M.	1945	Souder Cemetery
Luna, 	Cecy	1900	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Luna, 	Charles	1965	Ball Cemetery
Luna, 	Clara	1951	Gainesville Cemetery
Luna, 	Clarence	1942	Patrick Cemetery
Luna, 	Cledie	1936	Luna Family Graves *Highway 181, right on 313
Luna, 	Cleo	1961	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Luna, 	Curt	1949	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Luna, 	Della J.	1912	Souder Cemetery
Luna, 	Dora	1955	Luna Family Graves *Highway 181, right on 310
Luna, 	E. J.	1933	Luna Family Graves *Highway 181, left on 310
Luna, 	E. L.	1949	Patrick Cemetery
Luna, 	Elisha	1900	Luna Family Graves *Highway 181 to Zanoni
Luna, 	Elisha F.	1953	Patrick Cemetery
Luna, 	Eliza	1900	Luna Family Graves *Highway 181 to Zanoni
Luna, 	Etter	1966	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Luna, 	Everett	1964	Gainesville Cemetery
Luna, 	Four infants	NDL	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Luna, 	G. M.	1882	Upton Burial Ground
Luna, 	Genevieve	1966	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Luna, 	Gladys	1928	Patrick Cemetery
Luna, 	Harrison	1906	Sheppard Cemetery
Luna, 	Helen Marie	1971	Gainesville Cemetery
Luna, 	Homer	1971	Ball Cemetery
Luna, 	Infant daughter	NDL	Patrick Cemetery
Luna, 	Infant daughter	NDL	Patrick Cemetery
Luna, 	Ivy May	1920	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
Luna, 	James F.	1889	Patrick Cemetery
Luna, 	Jane	1916	Patrick Cemetery
Luna, 	Jane	NDL	Sallee Cemetery
Luna, 	Jasper	1892	Sheppard Cemetery
Luna, 	Jess	NDL	Sallee Cemetery
Luna, 	Jessie	NDL	Patrick Cemetery
Luna, 	Jim	1948	Luna Family Graves *Highway 181, right on 311
Luna, 	John H.	1965	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
Luna, 	John T.	1926	Sheppard Cemetery
Luna, 	Kerry	NDL	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Luna, 	Lester	1962	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Luna, 	Lillian	1937	Gainesville Cemetery
Luna, 	Lou Cinda	1902	Patrick Cemetery
Luna, 	Lou E.	1934	Souder Cemetery
Luna, 	Louise	1924	Gainesville Cemetery
Luna, 	Luther	1913	Bushong Burial Ground
Luna, 	Maggie	1962	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Luna, 	Margaret Jane	1941	Martin Cemetery
Luna, 	Marion J.	1937	Martin Cemetery
Luna, 	Martha	1932	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Luna, 	Martha (Graves)	1958	Patrick Cemetery
Luna, 	Martha (Patrick)	1891	Patrick Cemetery
Luna, 	Martha J. (Bean)	1944	Patrick Cemetery
Luna, 	Mary	1929	Luna Family Graves *Highway 181, left on 311
Luna, 	Mary	1936	Patrick Cemetery
Luna, 	Mary C.	1878	Patrick Cemetery
Luna, 	Mary J.	1886	Upton Burial Ground
Luna, 	Mearle	1968	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Luna, 	Nadine	1940	Ball Cemetery
Luna, 	Nancy	1948	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Luna, 	Nancy	1954	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
Luna, 	Nancy	1971	Ball Cemetery
Luna, 	No first name	1927	Luna Family Graves *Highway 181, right on 314
Luna, 	No first name	NDL	Loftis Cemetery
Luna, 	Nora	1967	Ball Cemetery
Luna, 	P. P. “Pitt”	NDL	Patrick Cemetery
Luna, 	Phoebe	1934	Patrick Cemetery
Luna, 	R. E.	1971	Gainesville Cemetery
Luna, 	Ralph	1914	Patrick Cemetery
Luna, 	Ray	NDL	Patrick Cemetery
Luna, 	Ross	1913	Gainesville Cemetery
Luna, 	Ross	1917	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Luna, 	Roy T.	NDL	Sallee Cemetery
Luna, 	Sammie	NDL	Patrick Cemetery
Luna, 	Sarah	1924	Gainesville Cemetery
Luna, 	Sheldon	1949	Ball Cemetery
Luna, 	Stella	NDL	Patrick Cemetery
Luna, 	Tesley	1944	Gainesville Cemetery
Luna, 	Tom	1946	Ball Cemetery
Luna, 	Travis James	1920	Gainesville Cemetery
Luna, 	Vada Gail	1908	Gainesville Cemetery
Luna, 	Virginia	1909	Gainesville Cemetery
Luna, 	W. W.	1933	Gainesville Cemetery
Luna, 	Wess	1970	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Luna, 	Zack, 	1967	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Lundy, 	Maud	1948	Bakersfield Cemetery
Luttrell, 	Alton V.	1933	Centerpoint Cemetery
Luttrell, 	Cinda R.	1905	Centerpoint Cemetery
Luttrell, 	Jewel	1914	Centerpoint Cemetery
Luttrell, 	Lola	1912	Centerpoint Cemetery
Luttrell, 	Louis	NDL	Centerpoint Cemetery
Luttrell, 	Ray	1939	Centerpoint Cemetery
Luttrell, 	S. N.	1939	Centerpoint Cemetery
Lyman, 	John S.	1902	Isabella Cemetery
Lynn	Ortha	1967	Ball Cemetery
Lyons, 	Joy	1936	Loftis Cemetery
Lytle, 	Harry L.	1958	Sims Cemetery
Maberry, 	Milton U.	1927	Oak Mound Cemetery
MacAllister, 	Catherine R.	1970	Sims Cemetery
MacAllister, 	Robert E.	1944	Sims Cemetery
MacCallister, 	Baby	NDL	Loftis Cemetery
Mackey, 	Arch	1960	Souder Cemetery
Mackey, 	Charolett	1950	Souder Cemetery
Mackey, 	Cora	1909	Souder Cemetery
Mackey, 	Don	1917	Souder Cemetery
Mackey, 	Dorthy Lee	1950	Souder Cemetery
Mackey, 	Mable	NDL	Souder Cemetery
Mackey, 	Martha	1933	Souder Cemetery
Mackey, 	Monroe	1936	Souder Cemetery
Mackey, 	Monroe H.	1962	Souder Cemetery
Mackey, 	Penelopy	1909	Souder Cemetery
Mackey, 	Ralph C.	1960	Souder Cemetery
Mackey, 	William H.	1898	Bakersfield Cemetery
Maddox, 	Dennis Wayne	1967	Howards Ridge Cemetery
Maddox, 	Eddie Lee	1977	Howards Ridge Cemetery
Madison, 	Bobby Joe	1974	Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery
Mageehon, 	Art	1919	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
Mageehon, 	Pearley	1919	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
Magum, 	Mary Ann	1883	Upton Burial Ground
Mahan, 	A.	NDL	Mahan / Bradley Cemetery
Mahan, 	A. W.	1898	Turnbo Cemetery
Mahan, 	Abe	1913	Mahan / Bradley Cemetery
Mahan, 	Alonzo	1962	Souder Cemetery
Mahan, 	Armanda	1920	Mahan / Bradley Cemetery
Mahan, 	Arthur	1893	Turnbo Cemetery
Mahan, 	Arthur E.	1969	Pontiac Cemetery
Mahan, 	Baby	1961	Souder Cemetery
Mahan, 	Bi	1921	Lilly Ridge Cemetery
Mahan, 	Donna Marie	1925	Souder Cemetery
Mahan, 	Edgie	1908	Souder Cemetery
Mahan, 	Ellen C.	1914	Pontiac Cemetery
Mahan, 	Elouisa	1875	Turnbo Cemetery
Mahan, 	Elsie	1966	Lilly Ridge Cemetery
Mahan, 	Emma Livesay	NDL	Pontiac Cemetery
Mahan, 	Erbert	1901	Mahan / Bradley Cemetery
Mahan, 	Esca Rachell	1903	Souder Cemetery
Mahan, 	Estel Boid	1925	New Hope Cemetery
Mahan, 	Fay	1962	Lilly Ridge Cemetery
Mahan, 	Fred	1927	Souder Cemetery
Mahan, 	George Edward	1899	Lutie Cemetery
Mahan, 	George W.	1920	Turnbo Cemetery
Mahan, 	Georgia Ann	1952	Souder Cemetery
Mahan, 	Glen	1965	Lilly Ridge Cemetery
Mahan, 	Hansen	1918	Mahan / Bradley Cemetery
Mahan, 	Hettie	1899	Turnbo Cemetery
Mahan, 	Infant	1884	Mahan / Bradley Cemetery
Mahan, 	Infant	1909	Mahan / Bradley Cemetery
Mahan, 	Infant son	1908	Mahan / Bradley Cemetery
Mahan, 	Isaac N.	1875	Turnbo Cemetery
Mahan, 	Isaac N.	1879	Turnbo Cemetery
Mahan, 	Isreal	188?	Mahan / Bradley Cemetery
Mahan, 	J. E.	1923	Isabella Cemetery
Mahan, 	Jess A.	1962	Lutie Cemetery
Mahan, 	John	1886	Mahan / Bradley Cemetery
Mahan, 	John Austin	1881	Turnbo Cemetery
Mahan, 	Jullie A.	1904	Pontiac Cemetery
Mahan, 	Kelly Eugene	1922	New Hope Cemetery
Mahan, 	King D.	NDL	Welch Cemetery
Mahan, 	King David	1936	Mahan / Bradley Cemetery
Mahan, 	Lonzo	1962	Lilly Ridge Cemetery
Mahan, 	Luther	1939	Thornfield Cemetery
Mahan, 	M. H.	1939	Pontiac Cemetery
Mahan, 	Magie C.	1922	Pontiac Cemetery
Mahan, 	Margarett E.	1955	Pontiac Cemetery
Mahan, 	Martha	1889	Turnbo Cemetery
Mahan, 	Mary	1959	Lutie Cemetery
Mahan, 	Mary M.	1905	Pontiac Cemetery
Mahan, 	Minnie	1982	Mahan / Bradley Cemetery
Mahan, 	Nancy E.	1890	Turnbo Cemetery
Mahan, 	Newt	1943	Pontiac Cemetery
Mahan, 	No first name	1912	Pontiac Cemetery
Mahan, 	No first name	NDL	Mahan / Bradley Cemetery
Mahan, 	Orba Rance	1912	Otter Creek Cemetery
Mahan, 	Perlina	1890	Turnbo Cemetery
Mahan, 	Philip	1951	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Mahan, 	Ross	1958	Souder Cemetery
Mahan, 	Sarah A.	NDL	Mahan / Bradley Cemetery
Mahan, 	Sarah Ann	1893	Mahan / Bradley Cemetery
Mahan, 	Son	NDL	Mahan / Bradley Cemetery
Mahan, 	Stella	1918	Turnbo Cemetery
Mahan, 	Thomas	1919	Lutie Cemetery
Mahan, 	Thomas W.	1895	Turnbo Cemetery
Mahan, 	W. C.	1956	Pontiac Cemetery
Mahan, 	Willard	1919	New Hope Cemetery
Mahan, 	William	1919	Pontiac Cemetery
Mahan, 	William	1936	Souder Cemetery
Maleet, 	Dena	1915	Piland Cemetery
Malin, 	Alney M.	1897	Norris / Piland Cemetery
Malin, 	Anna	1898	Norris / Piland Cemetery
Mallonee, 	Alberta	1968	Pontiac Cemetery
Mallonee, 	Dora B.	1898	Turnbo Cemetery
Mallonee, 	Infant son	1917	Thornfield Cemetery
Mallonee, 	James M.	1957	Pontiac Cemetery
Mallonee, 	Juanita	1934	Thornfield Cemetery
Mallonee, 	Mary	1897	Turnbo Cemetery
Mallonee, 	Nancy	1959	Pontiac Cemetery
Mallonee, 	Zana	1909	Pontiac Cemetery
Mallonee, 	Zelma	1934	Thornfield Cemetery
Mallow, 	Launa Rea	NDL	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Malone, 	Baby	NDL	Loftis Cemetery
Malone, 	Jim	NDL	Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery
Malonee, 	G. W.	1875	Turnbo Cemetery
Malonee, 	James	1882	Norris / Piland Cemetery
Malonee, 	S. E.	1871	Turnbo Cemetery
Maloney, 	Ambros	1930	Norris / Piland Cemetery
Maloney, 	Matilda	1902	Norris / Piland Cemetery
Maloney, 	Sarah (Turner)	1914	Norris / Piland Cemetery
Maloney, 	William	1969	Norris / Piland Cemetery
Manar, 	J. A. 	1893	Old Herndon Cemetery
Manar, 	J. H.	1892	Old Herndon Cemetery
Mangram, 	Elizabeth	NDL	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Mangram, 	Kata	NDL	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Manion, 	Erin Sur Jilenna	1985	Hale Cemetery
Mantle, 	Anna M.	1932	Gainesville Cemetery
Mantle, 	Charles P.	1930	Gainesville Cemetery
Maritt, 	James P.	NDL	Welch Cemetery
Maritt, 	S. E.	1894	Welch Cemetery
Maritt, 	Samuel	1872	Welch Cemetery
Maritt, 	Z. T.	1893	Welch Cemetery
Markley, 	John Dewey	1970	Lutie Cemetery
Marsh, 	Berval E.	1930	Welch Cemetery
Marsh, 	Cena R.	1977	Thornfield Cemetery
Marsh, 	D. E.	1874	Welch Cemetery
Marsh, 	David C.	NDL	Welch Cemetery
Marsh, 	Dovie L. (Reid)	1963	Peters Cemetery
Marsh, 	Infant son	NDL	Mahan / Bradley Cemetery
Marsh, 	James G.	1968	Thornfield Cemetery
Marsh, 	Josephine I.	1893	Welch Cemetery
Marsh, 	Marie S.	1935	Welch Cemetery
Marsh, 	Myrtle	1903	Welch Cemetery
Marsh, 	Nancy Jane	1964	Thornfield Cemetery
Marsh, 	Nola A.	1925	Welch Cemetery
Marsh, 	Samuel P.	1958	Welch Cemetery
Marsh, 	Sinthy A.	1927	Welch Cemetery
Marsh, 	Summers N. B.	1890	Welch Cemetery
Marshall, 	Alfred Rex	1942	Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery
Marshall, 	Burlin M.	1943	Marshall Cemetery
Marshall, 	David F.	1946	Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery
Marshall, 	Eunice	1927	Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery
Marshall, 	Frances S.	1933	Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery
Marshall, 	Infant	NDL	Hawkins Ridge Cemetery
Marshall, 	L. Janell	NDL	Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery
Marshall, 	Mary M.	1941	Marshall Cemetery
Marshall, 	No first name	NDL	Hawkins Ridge Cemetery
Marshall, 	Rosa	NDL	Hawkins Ridge Cemetery
Marshall, 	T. Carl	1969	Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery
Marshall, 	Thomas M.	1914	Marshall Cemetery
Marshall, 	Thurcy	NDL	Hawkins Ridge Cemetery
Marshall, 	Verone	1931	White Oak Cemetery
Martin, 	Alice	1939	Martin Cemetery
Martin, 	Alice Erbst	NDL	Martin Cemetery
Martin, 	Alton P.	1948	Martin Cemetery
Martin, 	Amer C. (Hamilton)	1981	James Cemetery
Martin, 	Angeline	1970	Ball Cemetery
Martin, 	Bertha R. (Barrett)	1967	Clear Springs Cemetery
Martin, 	Bessie	1902	Pontiac Cemetery
Martin, 	Claud	1936	Loftis Cemetery
Martin, 	Cora D.	1974	Martin Cemetery
Martin, 	Elizabeth	1883	Martin Cemetery
Martin, 	Elizabeth 	NDL	James Cemetery
Martin, 	Ella L.	1960	Martin Cemetery
Martin, 	Elnora M.	1884	James Cemetery
Martin, 	Emma Rilla	1946	Lilly Ridge Cemetery
Martin, 	Estella Upton	1914	Pontiac Cemetery
Martin, 	Everett	1965	Ball Cemetery
Martin, 	Fannie G. (Kirkland)	1971	Clear Springs Cemetery
Martin, 	Floyd C.	1960	Martin Cemetery
Martin, 	Floyd H.	1981	James Cemetery
Martin, 	Frances E.	1877	Parker Cemetery
Martin, 	Frank	1971	Longrun Cemetery
Martin, 	General W.	1956	Clear Springs Cemetery
Martin, 	Gilbert	1938	Martin Cemetery
Martin, 	Gilbert Leo	1932	Martin Cemetery
Martin, 	Henry L.	1917	Bakersfield Cemetery
Martin, 	Herschel	1974	Clear Springs Cemetery
Martin, 	Homer Van	1985	Clear Springs Cemetery
Martin, 	Hugh Tan	1986	Clear Springs Cemetery
Martin, 	Infant	1893	Martin Cemetery
Martin, 	Infant	NDL	Ball Cemetery
Martin, 	Irene Livesay	1963	Pontiac Cemetery
Martin, 	Isaac Newton	1970	Pontiac Cemetery
Martin, 	Jackie Ray	1936	Clear Springs Cemetery
Martin, 	James	1894	Piland Cemetery
Martin, 	James	1909	Ball Cemetery
Martin, 	James W. G. W.	1866	Parker Cemetery
Martin, 	Jess E.	1971	Pontiac Cemetery
Martin, 	Jim	1923	Ball Cemetery
Martin, 	John	1917	Martin and King Graves
Martin, 	John	NDL	Clear Springs Cemetery
Martin, 	John	NDL	Martin Cemetery
Martin, 	John A.	1915	New Hope Cemetery
Martin, 	John W.	1962	Ball Cemetery
Martin, 	Josephine	1876	Turnbo Cemetery
Martin, 	Jube	1966	Loftis Cemetery
Martin, 	Julia Vandalia	NDL	Martin Cemetery
Martin, 	Lois	1978	Longrun Cemetery
Martin, 	Loyd C.	1974	Martin Cemetery
Martin, 	Loyd G.	1979	Clear Springs Cemetery
Martin, 	Lucie R.	1963	Lutie Cemetery
Martin, 	Lucinda	1935	Ball Cemetery
Martin, 	Mable	1905	Pontiac Cemetery
Martin, 	Martha J.	1934	Souder Cemetery
Martin, 	Martha Matney	1935	Martin Cemetery
Martin, 	Mary	1904	Pontiac Cemetery
Martin, 	Mary E.	1909	Souder Cemetery
Martin, 	Melva	1918	Pontiac Cemetery
Martin, 	Millard M.	1941	Bakersfield Cemetery
Martin, 	Minnie Lee	1877	Parker Cemetery
Martin, 	Mrs. Bill	1952	Souder Cemetery
Martin, 	Myrtle R.	1895	Bakersfield Cemetery
Martin, 	Nancy	1918	Ball Cemetery
Martin, 	Nellie	1895	Martin and King Graves
Martin, 	Nerva	NDL	Ball Cemetery
Martin, 	Nora (Thompson)	1953	Clear Springs Cemetery
Martin, 	Oliver	1973	Clear Springs Cemetery
Martin, 	Onie	1904	Pontiac Cemetery
Martin, 	Pat	1925	Martin Cemetery
Martin, 	Perry H.	1941	Pontiac Cemetery
Martin, 	Polly	1914	Pontiac Cemetery
Martin, 	Polly	1918	Pontiac Cemetery
Martin, 	Richard C.	1929	James Cemetery
Martin, 	Rudolph C.	1983	Clear Springs Cemetery
Martin, 	T. R.	1924	Souder Cemetery
Martin, 	Tennessee (James)	1941	James Cemetery
Martin, 	Terrissa	1854	Martin Cemetery
Martin, 	Theo Sanders	1931	Gainesville Cemetery
Martin, 	Thomas	1968	Pontiac Cemetery
Martin, 	Thomas R.	1909	Souder Cemetery
Martin, 	Tommie Gene	1939	Pontiac Cemetery
Martin, 	Virgil Y.	1905	Pontiac Cemetery
Martin, 	Virginia	1920	Gainesville Cemetery
Martin, 	W. M.	1893	Parker Cemetery
Martin, 	W. M.	NDL	Parker Cemetery
Martin, 	William L.	1961	Pontiac Cemetery
Mashburn, 	Henry J.	1909	Mammoth Cemetery
Mashburn, 	John	1944	Lutie Cemetery
Mashburn, 	Laura J.	1962	Lutie Cemetery
Mashburn, 	Sarah	NDL	New Friend Cemetery
Mashburn, 	William V.	1949	Lutie Cemetery
Mason, 	Alice	NDL	Clear Springs Cemetery
Mason, 	Dow	NDL	Clear Springs Cemetery
Mason, 	Frank	NDL	Clear Springs Cemetery
Mason, 	Johnnie	NDL	Clear Springs Cemetery
Mason, 	Lenora (Craft)	1963	Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery
Mason, 	Madison C.	1964	Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery
Mason, 	Maggie	1900	Bakersfield Cemetery
Mason, 	Marion J.	1969	Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery
Mason, 	Mary (DeBoard)	1928	Clear Springs Cemetery
Mason, 	Maudie D.	1964	Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery
Mason, 	Reuben F.	1939	Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery
Mason, 	Reuben Fyan	NDL	Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery
Mathers, 	Edith Marie	1917	Hawkins Ridge Cemetery
Mathers, 	Eva C.	1971	Hawkins Ridge Cemetery
Mathers, 	W. F.	1967	Hawkins Ridge Cemetery
Mathes, 	Amanda	1901	Mahan / Bradley Cemetery
Mathes, 	Cora	1903	Mahan / Bradley Cemetery
Matteson, 	James E.	NDL	Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery
Matthews, 	Lydia	1889	County Line Cemetery
Matthews, 	Mary	1888	Franklin Grove Cemetery
Matthews, 	Mary	NDL	County Line Cemetery
Matthews, 	Phineas	1916	County Line Cemetery
Maupin, 	Margaret	1880	Dora Cemetery
Maupin, 	No first name	NDL	Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery
May, 	Mary B.	1900	Lutie Cemetery
Mayberry, 	Alice	NDL	Hale Cemetery
Mayberry, 	Billy Eugene	1927	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
Mayberry, 	Elcaney	1944	Loftis Cemetery
Mayberry, 	George	1897	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Mayberry, 	Haskell B.	1948	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
Mayberry, 	Nancy	1910	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Mayberry, 	No first name	NDL	Hale Cemetery
Mayberry, 	Preston	1932	Loftis Cemetery
Mayberry, 	Susan	NDL	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
Mayberry, 	Vida	NDL	Hale Cemetery
Mayberry, 	W. J.	1897	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Mayberry, 	William Earnest	1953	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
Mayfield, 	Baby	NDL	Loftis Cemetery
Mayfield, 	Boy	NDL	Hale Cemetery
Mayfield, 	Luther C.	1972	Trail Cemetery
Maynard, 	Dora	1954	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
Maynard, 	Dortha P.	1918	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
Maynard, 	Helena White	1964	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
Maynard, 	Jasper	NDL	Howards Ridge Cemetery
Maynard, 	Robert	1947	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
McAllister, 	Beryl	1962	Thornfield Cemetery
McAllister, 	Buel	1975	Thornfield Cemetery
McAllister, 	Emma	1967	Thornfield Cemetery
McAllister, 	Infant daughter	1918	Thornfield Cemetery
McAllister, 	Infant son	1928	Thornfield Cemetery
McAllister, 	Irvin W.	1924	Thornfield Cemetery
McAllister, 	Tom	1944	Thornfield Cemetery
McAninch, 	Harry	1952	Bakersfield Cemetery
McAninch, 	Lillie	1929	Bakersfield Cemetery
McAninch, 	Roy	1916	Bakersfield Cemetery
McAninch, 	Sarah	1966	Bakersfield Cemetery
McBride, 	Artia	1916	Isabella Cemetery
McBride, 	Charley R.	1976	Hart Cemetery
McBride, 	Jackie	1973	Hart Cemetery
McBride, 	Nina Sue	1974	Hart Cemetery
McBride, 	Russell R.	1974	Thornfield Cemetery
McCain, 	Four graves with no first name	NDL	White Oak Cemetery
McCallister, 	Ida	NDL	Howards Ridge Cemetery
McCarthy, 	Mary A.	1967	Thornfield Cemetery
McCarty, 	Gary Lee	1980	Fore Cemetery
McClary, 	B. Harrison	1979	Parsons Cemetery
McClary, 	Mary	1985	Parsons Cemetery
McCleary, 	Alfred	1923	Parsons Cemetery
McCleary, 	Martha	1939	Parsons Cemetery
McClees, 	Margaret Bethena Gunter	1965	Gunter Family Cemetery
McClellan, 	Jane	1895	Faye Cemetery
McClellan, 	John L.	1895	Faye Cemetery
McClelland, 	Jess W.	1952	Lutie Cemetery
McClendon, 	Alice	1945	Gainesville Cemetery
McClendon, 	Ewing	1907	Gainesville Cemetery
McClendon, 	John	1911	Gainesville Cemetery
McClendon, 	Juanita	1971	Gainesville Cemetery
McClendon, 	Lizzie	1878	Gainesville Cemetery
McClendon, 	Nannie	1884	Gainesville Cemetery
McClendon, 	Orville S.	1970	Gainesville Cemetery
McClendon, 	Permelia	1891	Gainesville Cemetery
McClendon, 	Vinton	1898	Gainesville Cemetery
McClery, 	Baby	NDL	Smith Chapel Cemetery
McConnico, 	Milla	1934	Hawkins Ridge Cemetery
McConnico, 	W. J.	NDL	Hawkins Ridge Cemetery
McCool, 	Betts	NDL	Sallee Cemetery
McCool, 	Charles	NDL	Sallee Cemetery
McCool, 	Franklin	NDL	Sallee Cemetery
McCool, 	Mille Ann	NDL	Sallee Cemetery
McCue, 	Lyda	1969	Gainesville Cemetery
McCullough, 	A. L.	1931	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	C. M. (Rev.)	1947	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	Cordelia	1948	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	Elbert G.	1898	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	Eliza Ann	1971	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	Elizabeth	1918	Lutie Cemetery
McCullough, 	Ellia	1969	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	George E.	1921	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	George W.	1911	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	George W.	1913	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	James	1948	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	John T.	1907	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	Larry	1952	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	Levie	1973	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	Linda	NDL	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	Lizzie	1940	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	Martha Ann	1927	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	Peggy A.	1944	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	Perry M.	1938	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	Phoebe	1955	Lutie Cemetery
McCullough, 	Pleasant C.	1958	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	Pleasant J.	1947	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	Rachel	NDL	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	Rans	1959	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	Roman R.	1905	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	Selby R.	1973	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	Stoney	1920	New Hope Cemetery
McCullough, 	Tom	NDL	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	Two graves	NDL	New Friend Cemetery
McCullough, 	Vera L.	1946	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	Viola	1943	Isabella Cemetery
McCullough, 	William Bert	NDL	Isabella Cemetery
McCumber, 	Angeline	1912	County Line Cemetery
McCumber, 	W. H.	1907	County Line Cemetery
McDaniel, 	George W.	1932	Wasola Cemetery
McDaniel, 	Gertie Smith (Evans)	1966	Clear Springs Cemetery
McDaniel, 	William	NDL	Clark Cemetery
McDonald, 	Alva D.	1961	Gainesville Cemetery
McDonald, 	Bea	NDL	Isabella Cemetery
McDonald, 	Billy	1924	Isabella Cemetery
McDonald, 	Emmet	1912	Gainesville Cemetery
McDonald, 	George W.	1932	Gainesville Cemetery
McDonald, 	Glennie	1932	Gainesville Cemetery
McDonald, 	Iva	1970	Isabella Cemetery
McDonald, 	Jerome Miller	1974	Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery
McDonald, 	Julia J.	1912	Gainesville Cemetery
McDonald, 	Lora W. (Roberts)	1915	Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery
McDonald, 	Mary Jane Mooney	1908	Gainesville Cemetery
McDonald, 	Ray Curtis	1945	Gainesville Cemetery
McDonald, 	Selby W.	1941	Isabella Cemetery
McDonald, 	William	1874	Gainesville Cemetery
McElliott, 	John J.	1980	Howards Ridge Cemetery
McGee, 	Jesse	1964	Isabella Cemetery
McGee, 	Steve	NDL	Howards Ridge Cemetery
McGill, 	Joseph E.	1967	Bakersfield Cemetery
McGinnis, 	Aaron	1913	Mammoth Cemetery
McGinnis, 	Alvia	1956	Lilly Ridge Cemetery
McGinnis, 	Candace Marie	1993	Centerpoint Cemetery
McGinnis, 	Conley L.	1933	Pontiac Cemetery
McGinnis, 	Elizabeth	1961	Mammoth Cemetery
McGinnis, 	Euel D.	1976	Mammoth Cemetery
McGinnis, 	Gertie L.	1966	Mammoth Cemetery
McGinnis, 	Harold	1929	Pontiac Cemetery
McGinnis, 	John L.	1962	Mammoth Cemetery
McGinnis, 	Larry Nolan	1949	Centerpoint Cemetery
McGinnis, 	Lee	1924	Mammoth Cemetery
McGinnis, 	Lester	1968	Lilly Ridge Cemetery
McGinnis, 	Luther M.	1944	Mammoth Cemetery
McGinnis, 	Mary Elizabeth McAnally	1889	Sanders (South) Cemetery
McGinnis, 	Palmer	1914	Mammoth Cemetery
McGinnis, 	Paul V.	1938	Isabella Cemetery
McGinnis, 	Ronald	1955	Lilly Ridge Cemetery
McGinnis, 	Susan	1933	Mammoth Cemetery
McGinnis, 	Susan Mae	1969	Lutie Cemetery
McGinnis, 	Vernie R.	1921	Mammoth Cemetery
McGregor, 	George	1947	Jackson Cemetery
McGrew, 	Granny	NDL	Sanders (South) Cemetery
McGrew, 	Myrtle Mae	1898	Mahan / Bradley Cemetery
McGuier, 	Russell	1898	Parsons Cemetery
McGuire, 	Lena	1915	Isabella Cemetery
McGuire, 	Lessie	1910	Isabella Cemetery
McKay, 	Pernettie J.	1901	Souder Cemetery
McKay, 	Robinson	1906	Souder Cemetery
McKee, 	Colvey	1985	Marshall Cemetery
McKinley, 	Daniel	1971	Ball Cemetery
McKinley, 	Delbert	1971	Ball Cemetery
McKinley, 	Glen	1936	Ball Cemetery
McKinley, 	Katy	1929	Ball Cemetery
McKinley, 	Mary	1942	Ball Cemetery
McKinley, 	Maudie	1958	Ball Cemetery
McKinley, 	Peter	1933	Ball Cemetery
McKinney, 	Andrew “Add”	1975	Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery
McKinney, 	Charles	1951	Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery
McKinney, 	Eva June	NDL	Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery
McKinney, 	Eva May	1927	Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery
McKinney, 	Iva E.	1968	Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery
McKinney, 	John T.	1923	Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery
McKinney, 	Linda Geraldine	1965	Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery
McKinney, 	Meg	1957	Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery
McKinney, 	Polly A.	1928	Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery
McKinney, 	S. W.	1952	Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery
McKinney, 	W. R.	1963	Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery
McKinney, 	W. Riley	NDL	Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery
McMahon, 	Jan	NDL	Sanders (South) Cemetery
McMurtrey, 	Ames E.	1957	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
McMurtrey, 	Bertha	1936	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
McMurtrey, 	Claude	1908	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
McMurtrey, 	D. O. (Rev.)	1932	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
McMurtrey, 	Dan E.	1987	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
McMurtrey, 	Dora A.	1947	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
McMurtrey, 	Gillie	1951	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
McMurtrey, 	Hattie M.	1916	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
McMurtrey, 	Infant daughter	1936	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
McMurtrey, 	Jimmie	1939	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
McMurtrey, 	John Hayes	1949	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
McMurtrey, 	Otis	1949	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
McMurtrey, 	Virgil M.	1918	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
McMurtrey, 	W. Eugene	1983	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
McNear, 	Richard	1968	Ball Cemetery
McSwain, 	Edward B.	1944	Thornfield Cemetery
McSwain, 	Glennard	1915	Thornfield Cemetery
McSwain, 	Janee	1923	Thornfield Cemetery
McSwain, 	John T.	1964	Thornfield Cemetery
McSwain, 	Lillie M.	1976	Thornfield Cemetery
McSwain, 	W. B. Sr.	1939	Thornfield Cemetery
McVea, 	Gertie B.	1963	Isabella Cemetery
Mead, 	George W.	1916	Peters Cemetery
Mead, 	Roy	1915	Peters Cemetery
Mefford, 	Albert W.	1962	Isabella Cemetery
Mefford, 	Asa Elliott	1958	Isabella Cemetery
Mefford, 	Bill	NDL	Howards Ridge Cemetery
Mefford, 	Caleb W.	1896	Isabella Cemetery
Mefford, 	Cinderella J.	1894	Isabella Cemetery
Mefford, 	Eddie	1945	Isabella Cemetery
Mefford, 	Edgar	1961	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Mefford, 	Edward	1896	Isabella Cemetery
Mefford, 	Etsel	1925	Isabella Cemetery
Mefford, 	F. M.	1920	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Mefford, 	Fanor	1880	Isabella Cemetery
Mefford, 	I. T.	1888	Isabella Cemetery
Mefford, 	Isaiah W.	1882	Isabella Cemetery
Mefford, 	James T.	1886	Isabella Cemetery
Mefford, 	Jemima Jane	1937	Isabella Cemetery
Mefford, 	John	NDL	Howards Ridge Cemetery
Mefford, 	Kirk	NDL	Howards Ridge Cemetery
Mefford, 	Nancy	1880	Isabella Cemetery
Mefford, 	Noah	NDL	Isabella Cemetery
Mefford, 	Nute	1880	Isabella Cemetery
Megee, 	D. W.	1914	Isabella Cemetery
Megee, 	Ernest	1924	Gainesville Cemetery
Megee, 	Martha J.	1895	Isabella Cemetery
Megee, 	Three infants	NDL	Lutie Cemetery
Megee, 	William W. (Rev.)	1922	Lutie Cemetery
Melton, 	Amanda Viola	1953	Jackson Cemetery
Melton, 	Bary Oatis	1906	Welch Cemetery
Melton, 	Catherine	1902	Lutie Cemetery
Melton, 	J. B.	1897	Lutie Cemetery
Melton, 	William J.	1946	Jackson Cemetery
Menendez, 	Jimmie	1951	Lilly Ridge Cemetery
Meritt, 	John	1917	Igo / Sallee Cemetery
Merritt, 	Josie	1924	Welch Cemetery
Merritt, 	Mary Francis	1917	Welch Cemetery
Midjett, 	Micajah	1887	Faye Cemetery
Midjett, 	Susan	1893	Faye Cemetery
Miller, 	Ada	1942	Wasola Cemetery
Miller, 	Albert B.	1949	Mammoth Cemetery
Miller, 	Alex	1968	Wasola Cemetery
Miller, 	Baby	NDL	Jackson Cemetery
Miller, 	Betty Sue	1962	Clear Springs Cemetery
Miller, 	Bud	1934	Clark Cemetery
Miller, 	Bud	NDL	Sallee Cemetery
Miller, 	Burrin Alva	1916	Clark Cemetery
Miller, 	Clara (Wallace)	1955	Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery
Miller, 	Cleffie S.	1920	Patrick Cemetery
Miller, 	Daughter	1889	Clark Cemetery
Miller, 	Della M.	NDL	Patrick Cemetery
Miller, 	Emmer E. (Thompson)	1982	Clear Springs Cemetery
Miller, 	Erstonea	NDL	Sallee Cemetery
Miller, 	F. M.	1888	Mammoth Cemetery
Miller, 	Florence	1961	Hawkins Ridge Cemetery
Miller, 	Fred	1971	Thornfield Cemetery
Miller, 	Henry	1942	Hawkins Ridge Cemetery
Miller, 	Hermie A.	1963	Wasola Cemetery
Miller, 	Infant daughter	1909	Wasola Cemetery
Miller, 	Infant son	1883	Mammoth Cemetery
Miller, 	Infant son	1919	Patrick Cemetery
Miller, 	Infant son	NDL	Clark Cemetery
Miller, 	Iva M.	1986	Peters Cemetery
Miller, 	Jacob	1926	Patrick Cemetery
Miller, 	James P.	NDL	Mammoth Cemetery
Miller, 	James R. (Prof.)	1986	Hawkins Ridge Cemetery
Miller, 	Jessie	1922	Clark Cemetery
Miller, 	John P.	1890	Mammoth Cemetery
Miller, 	Joseph C.	1883	Mammoth Cemetery
Miller, 	Kimberly Ann	1969	Clear Springs Cemetery
Miller, 	Laren	1940	Hawkins Ridge Cemetery
Miller, 	Lemuel E.	1937	Souder Cemetery
Miller, 	Lyle	1962	Peters Cemetery
Miller, 	Mary Jane	1930	Old Herndon Cemetery
Miller, 	Mary M.	1900	Patrick Cemetery
Miller, 	Milard S.	1920	Patrick Cemetery
Miller, 	Minnie	1911	Souder Cemetery
Miller, 	Minnie Arlena	1920	Patrick Cemetery
Miller, 	Myrtle	1924	Mammoth Cemetery
Miller, 	Nancy Jane	1939	Clark Cemetery
Miller, 	Ola	1958	Souder Cemetery
Miller, 	Ollie R.	1977	Patrick Cemetery
Miller, 	Polly H.	1893	Old Herndon Cemetery
Miller, 	Robert	1891	Old Herndon Cemetery
Miller, 	Robert Perry	1932	Old Herndon Cemetery
Miller, 	Roy A.	1961	Patrick Cemetery
Miller, 	Russell	1947	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Miller, 	Ruth	NDL	Hawkins Ridge Cemetery
Miller, 	Samuel B.	1881	Mammoth Cemetery
Miller, 	Sylvia	1986	Hawkins Ridge Cemetery
Miller, 	Thomas A.	1952	Patrick Cemetery
Miller, 	Thomas E.	1932	Clear Springs Cemetery
Miller, 	Tilda	NDL	Clark Cemetery
Miller, 	Tommy	1940	Smith Chapel Cemetery
Miller, 	Wilma	NDL	Hawkins Ridge Cemetery
Miller, 	Woodrow	NDL	Sallee Cemetery
Millex, 	Ed	NDL	Lutie Cemetery
Mills, 	Hazel	1922	Oak Mound Cemetery
Mills, 	Lemal	NDL	Gainesville Cemetery
Mills, 	Lottie	1918	Oak Mound Cemetery
Minson, 	Bertha	1931	Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery
Minson, 	Mannie T.	1911	Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery
Minson, 	Thomas	1943	Baptist Hill / Bridges Creek Cemetery
Minuch, 	No first name, two graves	NDL	Hawkins Ridge Cemetery
Mishler, 	Arnold G.	NDL	Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery
Mishler, 	Effie	1892	Faye Cemetery
Mishler, 	Fannie R.	NDL	Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery
Mishler, 	Gertrude	NDL	Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery
Mishler, 	Hinton M.	1959	Bakersfield Cemetery
Mishler, 	Ida M.	1973	Bakersfield Cemetery
Mishler, 	James E.	1955	Lilly Ridge Cemetery
Mishler, 	Lillie E.	1968	Lilly Ridge Cemetery
Mishler, 	Mack D.	1969	Bakersfield Cemetery
Mishler, 	Mrs. A. J.	1926	Lilly Ridge Cemetery
Mishler, 	Thomas	1910	Lilly Ridge Cemetery
Mishler, 	Woodie M.	1950	Bakersfield Cemetery
Missemer, 	George W.	1954	Gainesville Cemetery
Mitchel, 	Bea	NDL	Clark Cemetery
Mitchel, 	Ruben L.	1900	Fore Cemetery
Mitchell, 	Ada Q.	1941	Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Mitchell, 	Barbara Lee	1933	Marshall Cemetery
Mitchell, 	Clarence	1923	Lilly Ridge Cemetery
Mitchell, 	Clinton	1923	Lilly Ridge Cemetery
Mitchell, 	Easter Angeline	NDL	Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery
Mitchell, 	Edith Lea	1922	Lilly Ridge Cemetery
Mitchell, 	Edward H.	1907	Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Mitchell, 	Elwood	1928	Ball Cemetery
Mitchell, 	Ida	NDL	Hawkins Ridge Cemetery
Mitchell, 	Infant daughter	1910	Bakersfield Cemetery
Mitchell, 	Infant son	1905	Bakersfield Cemetery
Mitchell, 	Infant son	1906	Bakersfield Cemetery
Mitchell, 	Irene	1921	Ball Cemetery
Mitchell, 	James Ivan	1935	Lilly Ridge Cemetery
Mitchell, 	John Ernest	1918	Lilly Ridge Cemetery
Mitchell, 	Juanita Pet	1944	Bakersfield Cemetery
Mitchell, 	Laura	NDL	Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery
Mitchell, 	Mathias	1937	Lilly Ridge Cemetery
Mitchell, 	Nace B.	1948	Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Mitchell, 	Nora Bell	1937	Lilly Ridge Cemetery
Mitchell, 	O. L.	1963	Elijah Church of Christ Cemetery
Mitchell, 	Ona E.	1961	Gainesville Cemetery
Mitchell, 	Peter R.	1920	Bakersfield Cemetery
Mitchell, 	S. J.	NDL	James Cemetery
Mitchell, 	Sara	1940	Lilly Ridge Cemetery
Mitchell, 	Tom	NDL	Hawkins Ridge Cemetery
Mitchell, 	W. H.	NDL	Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery
Mitchell, 	W. N.	NDL	Udall / Price / Mitchell Cemetery
Mitts, 	Rosa	1958	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
Mitts, 	Wilson	1961	Sweeton Pond Cemetery
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